Charles Robinson, Ph.D. has authored more than 5,000 forensic opinions on behalf of clients in Connecticut, Florida, Maine, Massachusets, Montana, New Hampshire, New Jersey, South Carolina, Wyoming and Vermont. Dr. Robinson’s experience in out-patient, in-patient and law enforcement settings have contributed significantly to just case outcome. An expert on trauma, violence, memory, sexual abuse and malpractice, he has qualified in Federal, Superior, District, Probate and Administrative Courts throughout the United States. Dr. Robinson’s testimony is characterized by objective findings, relevant examples and clear and direct communication.

It is a good thing to know that glasses are for drinking.
It is a bad thing not to know what thirst is for.
-Antonio Machado

Specific information on Dr. Robinson’s availability, fees and references, can be obtained by contacting his office at 207-622-1885

PO Box 299, Manchester, ME 04351.

E-mail/FAX access is provided to active clients.