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Robinson, Charles.  (2002).  EXPERT WITNESS: CRIMINAL TRIALS. State Forensic Service, Augusta,Maine.

Robinson, Charles.  (2001). DOMESTIC VIOLENCE: ITS CONNECTION TO ANIMALS. Maine Medico-Legal Society, Augusta, Maine.

Robinson, Charles.  (2001). SEPTEMBER 11TH: HIDDEN TERROR, HIDDEN STRENGTH. New EnglandEducational Association, Portland, Maine.

Robinson, Charles.  (2000).  WORKPLACE VIOLENCE: THE ORGANIZATIONAL RESPONSE. Governor=s Commission on Safety and Health in the Workplace. Augusta, Maine.

Robinson, Charles.  (2000).  SCHOOL VIOLENCE: PREDICTION AND INTERVENTION. Maine Education Association.  Rockport, Maine.

Robinson, Charles.  (1999). OBSERVATIONS ON COGNITION AND INSANITY. American Journal of Forensic Psychology.  Vol. 17, No. 4, 63-75.

Robinson, Charles.  WORKPLACE VIOLENCE – FORENSIC ASSESSMENT. Portland, Maine.  September 15-19, 1999.  Maine – OSHA.

Robinson, Charles (1999). FILICIDE: MOMS WHO KILL THEIR CHILDREN. American College of Forensic Psychology, 15th Annual Symposium, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Robinson, Charles (1999).  CHILD HOMICIDE: PROFILING CONSIDERATIONS. In-Service Training,Culver City, California Police Department.

Robinson, Charles (1998). FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY: SOCIAL AND SCIENTIFIC CONSIDERATIONS. Invited Lecture, Revier College, Nashua, New Hampshire.

McCann, J.T. (1998).  MALINGERING AND DECEPTION IN ADOLESCENTS. Wash: American Psychological Association.  Provided developmentive edit and manuscript review with Steve Ceci, Ph.D.

Robinson, Charles (1997).  ABNORMAL CONDITIONS OF MIND: A FORENSIC OVERVIEW. Conference on Evidence, Maine Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.  Augusta, Maine.

Robinson, Charles (1997).  THE ROLE OF PSYCHOLOGICAL EXPERTS IN THE INVOLUNTARY COMMITMENT PROCESS. Maine Psychological Association Annual Meeting.  Portland, Maine.

Robinson, Charles (1997).   FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY – THE U.S. PERSPECTIVE. Invited Lecture, Universityof Cluj, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Robinson, Charles (1996). AGGRESSION AND INSANITY: DETERMINING THE CAPACITY TO APPRECIATE. International Colloquium on Aggression and Mental Disorders.  Montreal, Canada.  November 1st-3rd.

Robinson, Charles (1996).  Co-Chair: MEDICAL RESPONSIBILITY IN FORENSIC PSYCHIATRY. International Colloquium on Aggression and Mental Disorders.  Montreal, Canada.  November 1st-3rd.

Robinson, Charles  (1995). ASSESSING PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAUMA:  COMMON ETHICAL AND PROCEDURAL ERRORS. University of Vermont, Burlington, Vermont.

Robinson, Charles  (1995). PAIN:  PSYCHOLOGICAL PARADIGMS AND PRACTICE. 1995 Maine State Bar Association Medical Institute.  Augusta,Maine.

Robinson, Charles (1994).   NEW ENGLANDJUDICIAL CONFERENCE. Program Participant:  Scientific Evidence.

Robinson, Charles  (1994).  INTERVENTION IN COMMUNITY TRAGEDY:  APPLICATIONS OF FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY, Montreal:  American College of Forensic Psychology.

Robinson, Charles & Lucy Quimby, Ph.D. (1994). MEMORY AND SEXUAL TRAUMA:  MEMORY RECOVERY OR THERAPEUTIC MISADVENTURE? Portland, Maine.  May 20th and 21st.

Robinson, Charles.  (1993).  ASSESSMENT AND MANAGEMENT OF SUICIDAL BEHAVIOR. MainePsychological Association.  Portland, Maine.

Robinson, Charles  (1993).  INITIATING THE FORENSIC EVALUATION. Maine Psychological Association Newsletter.


Robinson, Charles  (1992).  PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAUMA:  INTERFACE OF PSYCHOLOGY AND LAW, Augusta:  Maine State Bar Association.

Robinson, C. and Mary Plouffe  (1990).  THE DEVELOPMENT OF A STATE FORENSIC SOCIETY – Conference of the American Law and Psychology Society – Division 41 of the American Psychological Society,Williamsburg, Virginia.

Wathan, D., Murray, P., Robinson, C. and K. Lipez  (1991).  SOCIAL SCIENCE AND THE LAW:  EVIDENTIARY PROBLEMS IN SEX ABUSE CASES. Maine Bar Journal, Vol. 5, No. 4, 246-250.

Robinson, Charles (1990). MAINE JUDICIAL CONFERENCE. Program Participant:  Psychological Evidence on Child Sexual Abuse.

Acker, C., Robinson, C., et al(1989). GUIDELINES FOR THE PRACTICE OF FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY. Introduction and Final Editor, Augusta, Maine.

Robinson, Charles, et al(1989).  REPORT OF THE TASK FORCE ON CONDITIONS AT THE AUGUSTA MENTAL HEALTH INSTITUTE AUGUSTA: Maine Psychological Association and Maine Society of Forensic Psychologists.

Robinson, Charles  (1989).  COMMENT RE GORDIUS. Maine Bar Journal, Vol. 4, No. 3, 126-127.

Robinson, Charles  (1987). PSYCHOLOGICAL EVIDENCE AND SEXUAL ABUSE. Maine Bar Journal, Vol. 2, No. 5, 264-266.

Robinson, Charles  (1986).  THE DUTY TO WARN AND THE PREDICTION OF VIOLENT BEHAVIOR. Orono,Maine.  Maine Psychological Association Spring Conference.

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