U.S. v. Abumadi           United States District Court          Portland, Maine

     Defendant Abumadi pled guilty to trafficking in cocaine. Expert testimony provided a foundation for downward departure.  Dr. Charles Robinson's testimony focused on the Defendant’s history of childhood abuse, her recent psychological trauma, and the relationship of these factors to the criminal conduct.  It was the relationship of these psychological factors to the offenses, and not the disorders themselves, that were the crucial elements in meeting the standards for downward departure.

                         Defendant's Attorney:

                         David Beneman, Esq.                         Portland, Maine                         (207) 775-5200

          State v. Dedekian          Kennebec County Superior Court          Augusta, Maine

     Defendant Dedekian was charged with the suffocation death of her infant son.  The defense retained Dr. Charles Robinson as an expert.  At the conclusion of each of two contested hearings, the defense prevailed in their assertion that the Defendant was incompetent to stand trial.  After four years of in-patient psychiatric treatment, the patient's competence was attested to by Dr. Robinson.  At sentencing, the Judge ordered the Defendant to serve a six year term of probation to the satisfaction of her treating psychiatrist. 

                              Defendant's Attorney:

                              John Pelletier, Esq.                              Augusta, Maine                              (207) 622-6161

          State v. Kem          Superior Court of Montana          Missoula, Montana

     Defendant Kem pled guilty to the death of his four year old stepson.  The boy had been "disciplined" over the course of a three day holiday in an effort to toilet train him.  He died of these injuries.  Montana maintains capital punishment.  The defense called Dr. Charles Robinson as an expert at sentencing. The Defendant received a 55 year sentence. 

                              Defendant's Attorney:

                              Michaela Murphy, Esq.                              Waterville, Maine                              (207) 873-0781

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