State v. Curtis          Knox County District Court          Belfast, Maine 

     Jonathan Curtis admitted the knifing death of his mother after a long night of drug and alcohol abuse.  At issue was Jonathan’s status as a juvenile versus an adult (with adult status necessitating a minimum twenty-five year sentence).  The Defendant’s expert testimony provided by Dr. Charles Robinson criticized the choice and utilization of tests employed by the State’s psychological expert.  Robinson further opined that Jonathan (17 at the time of the offense) more closely resembled a juvenile than an adult in terms of his psychological make-up.  Jonathan was tried as a juvenile and was committed to the care of the State's juvenile correctional facility until his21st birthday. 

                              Defendant's Attorney:

                              Peter Mason, Esq.                              Searsport, Maine                              (207) 548-2589

(See also newspaper article "Age is factor for trial")

          Fodelmesi v. Schepperly, et al.          Federal District Court          White Plains, New York

        In a civil action seeking damages, Plaintiff Fodelmesi alleged that his confession to a double homicide was coerced.  Plaintiff's expert, Richard Ofshe, Ph.D., offered testimony that the false confession was of a coerced compliant type.  Defendant's expert Robinson disagreed and challenged the degree of mental retardation suffered by the Plaintiff.  The Defendant's expert also offered evidence from the crime scene material to the issues at hand.  The jury rejected all Plaintiffs’ claims of negligence on the part of the New York State Police, the Duchess County Sheriff's Office, the Town of Fishkill and the individual named Defendants.                                    Defendant's Attorneys:                                   Michael Popkin, Esq.                                   Office of the New York                                    State Attorney General                                   New York, NY                                   (212) 416-8570                                   Tim Coon, Esq.                                   White Plains, NY                                     (914) 949-2700

          Lindgren v. The Bethel Inn          United States District Court          Portland, Maine

     Plaintiff was struck on the head by a golf ball.  Traditional medical tests did not demonstrate serious or long lasting trauma.  The Plaintiff retained Dr. Charles Robinson who examined the Plaintiff and provided information based on his examination and psychological tests demonstrating the extent of the Plaintiff's injuries.  A pre-trial settlement of $75,000 was reached. 

                              Plaintiff's Attorney:

                              Eric Mehnert, Esq.                              Augusta, Maine                               (207) 623-1455

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