Fodelmesi v. Schepperly, et al.          Federal District Court          White Plains, New York

        In a civil action seeking damages, Plaintiff Fodelmesi alleged that his confession to a double homicide was coerced.  Plaintiff's expert, Richard Ofshe, Ph.D., offered testimony that the false confession was of a coerced compliant type.  Defendant's expert Robinson disagreed and challenged the degree of mental retardation suffered by the Plaintiff.  The Defendant's expert also offered evidence from the crime scene material to the issues at hand.  The jury rejected all Plaintiffs’ claims of negligence on the part of the New York State Police, the Duchess County Sheriff's Office, the Town of Fishkill and the individual named Defendants.                                    Defendant's Attorneys:                                   Michael Popkin, Esq.                                   Office of the New York                                    State Attorney General                                   New York, NY                                   (212) 416-8570                                   Tim Coon, Esq.                                   White Plains, NY                                     (914)        949-2700

          State v. Wright          Somerset County Superior Court          Skowhegan, Maine

     Defendant Wright's daughter alleged longstanding sexual abuse at the hands of her father, an employee of the Maine State Police.  Defendant's expert Robinson conducted an analysis of the alleged victim's diary and medical records and offered an alternative explanation to the reported victim's allegations. Defendant's expert further testified at jury trial that there was no scientific foundation to validate the State's claim that eating disorders are caused by sexual abuse.  The emerging literature on repressed memories of sexual abuse was also utilized in this matter.  The jury found the Defendant not guilty.

                              Defendant's Attorney:

                              Pam Ames, Esq.                              Waterville, Maine                              (207) 877-6623

(See also newspaper article "Jury acquits Wright")

          French v. Kennebec County Sheriff's Office          Kennebec County Superior Court          Augusta, Maine

     Plaintiff French brought civil suit against the Sheriff’s Office for their treatment of her after a routine arrest.  The Plaintiff was strip-searched and alleged additional indignities. Plaintiff's attorney retained Dr. Charles Robinson to evaluate the Plaintiff.  Plaintiff French was found to have suffered significant trauma as a result of Defendant's conduct.  A confidential settlement favorable to the Plaintiff was obtained. 

                              Plaintiff's Attorney:

                              William Robitzek, Esq.                              Lewiston, Maine                              (207) 784-3576

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