State v. Ilsley          Oxford County Superior Court          South Paris, Maine 

     Defendant Ilsley suffered from a severe psychiatric disorder.  One manifestation of this disorder was his ten year obsessional following of a former school mate for whom he professed a love which he believed (in his delusional state) was reciprocated.  The Defendant's expert testimony by Dr. Charles Robinson demonstrated that Ilsley's illness precluded him from appreciating the charges brought against him.  He was found incompetent to stand trial and discharged from the County Jail in which he had been held for the previous several months. 

                              Defendant's Attorney:

                              William Maselli, Esq.                              Auburn, Maine                              (207) 783-4800

          Stinson v. Slaughter          Cumberland County Superior Court          Portland, Maine

     Plaintiff Stinson was awarded $650,000 for punitive and psychological damages suffered secondary to stalking by Defendant Slaughter.  Plaintiff's expert Robinson offered testimony on the long term psychological consequences of being stalked as well as the PTSD suffered by the Plaintiff.

                              Plaintiff's Attorney:

                              William Knowles, Esq.                              Portland, Maine                              (207) 774-4000

                              Carl Kandutsh, Esq.                              Portland, Maine                              (207) 774-4000

(See also newspaper article "Accused stalker must pay $650,000")

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