State v. Bechard          Somerset County Superior Court          Skowhegan, Maine

     Mr. Bechard was charged with two counts of murder and two counts of attempted murder secondary to his attacks on the residents of a nunnery.  Expert testimony by Dr. Charles Robinson established that Mr. Bechard lacked the substantial capacity to appreciate the wrongfulness of his actions.  He was found not criminally responsible.  The role of delusions and hallucinations (and the differentiation of the manifestations of these symptoms from the manifestations of alleged substance abuse and anti-social personality disorder) were keystone elements in the expert testimony. 

                              Defendant's Attorneys:

                              Walter Hanstein, Esq.                              Farmington, Maine                              (207) 778-2959

                              Michaela Murphy, Esq.                              Waterville, Maine                              (207) 873-0781

(See also newspaper article "Doctors relate tales of madness in Bechard trial")

          State v. Ilsley          Oxford County Superior Court          South Paris, Maine 

     Defendant Ilsley suffered from a severe psychiatric disorder.  One manifestation of this disorder was his ten year obsessional following of a former school mate for whom he professed a love which he believed (in his delusional state) was reciprocated.  The Defendant's expert testimony by Dr. Charles Robinson demonstrated that Ilsley's illness precluded him from appreciating the charges brought against him.  He was found incompetent to stand trial and discharged from the County Jail in which he had been held for the previous several months. 

                              Defendant's Attorney:

                              William Maselli, Esq.                              Auburn, Maine                              (207) 783-4800

          State of Maine v. Kigas          Penobscot County Superior Court          Bangor, Maine

     Defendant Kigas starved to death her young daughter over a period of five weeks.  Defense expert Robinson demonstrated that the Defendant lacked the substantial capacity to appreciate the wrongfulness of her actions because of hallucinations and delusions suffered by the Defendant.  These hallucinations and delusions caused the Defendant to believe that she was pregnant with a child fathered telepathically by Jazz guitarist Pat Metheny and that she was being tormented by devil worshipers in her apartment complex. 

These symptoms caused her to believe that her child was possessed by evil and could be delivered back to God only in death through starvation.  The Defendant was found not criminally responsible. 

                              Defendant's Attorney:

                              Perry O'Brian, Esq.                              Bangor, Maine                              (207) 942-4697

(See also newspaper article "Tonia Kigas found not guilty")

State V. Kelly
Somerset Superior Court   
Skowhegan, Maine 



Mr. Kelly was a combat veteran of the Vet Nam war. He began experiencing 

flashbacks and delusional believed that he was engaged in a combat situation. He 

alluded authorities for several days in the Maine winter but was ultimately 

apprehended. Defense expert Charles L. Robinson PHD explained his behavior as a 

result of his PTSD and Co-morbid psychiatric condition. He was found not criminally 

responsible for his conduct.


Defense Attorney:


Anthony Shusta

Madison Maine





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