Lapierre v. Cumberland Lincoln Mercury          Worker's Compensation Commission          Portland, Maine

     Mr. Lapierre's widow sought compensation for her husband’s suicide which she alleged was work related.  Employer's expert Robinson conducted a psychological autopsy of the decedent and concluded that work related stressors (the decedent was on worker’s compensation at the time of his suicide by gunshot) were not the cause of Lapierre's suicide.  The Worker’s Compensation Commission concurred. 

                              Employer's Attorney:

                              Evan Hansen, Esq.                              Portland, Maine                              (207) 791-3000

          Couture v. Mid-Maine Medical Center, et al.          Kennebec County Superior Court          Augusta, Maine

     Suit was brought by the survivors of Mr. Couture who died of Mesothelioma, always a fatal malady.  This condition had been misdiagnosed as Tuberculosis which is treatable.  The Plaintiffs retained Dr. Charles Robinson to conduct a psychological autopsy with an emphasis on how Mr. Couture would have utilized the last remaining months of his life had he known his condition was fatal.  The autopsy involved multiple interviews with the family, friends, and co-workers of the late Mr. Couture.  A pretrial settlement satisfactory to the Plaintiff was obtained. 

                              Plaintiff's Attorney:

                              Jed Davis, Esq.                              Augusta, Maine                              (207) 622-6339

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