Nicholas v. Fleet Bank of Maine
          Kennebec County Superior Court
          Augusta, Maine


     Plaintiff Nicholas brought suit against the Defendant

institution which had improperly dispensed funds held in a trust

account.  These funds were the result of the Plaintiff's

settlement of a sexual abuse claim against a former FBI agent.

Dr. Robinson's expert testimony described the Plaintiff's trauma

secondary to this institutional "betrayal" and differentiated

these effects from those emanating from the betrayal suffered

as a result of sexual abuse, early childhood trauma, and the

Plaintiff's relationship with her mother who was found guilty of

criminal conduct in an action arising from these same



                              Plaintiff's Attorney:


                              Eric Mehnert, Esq.

                              Augusta, Maine

                              (207) 623-1455


          French v. Kennebec County Sheriff's Office
          Kennebec County Superior Court
          Augusta, Maine


     Plaintiff French brought civil suit against the Sheriff's

Office for their treatment of her after a routine arrest.  The

Plaintiff was strip-searched and alleged additional indignities.

Plaintiff's attorney retained Dr. Charles Robinson to evaluate

the Plaintiff.  Plaintiff French was found to have suffered

significant trauma as a result of Defendant's conduct.  A

confidential settlement favorable to the Plaintiff was obtained. 


                              Plaintiff's Attorney:


                              William Robitzek, Esq.

                              Lewiston, Maine

                              (207) 784-3576


          Oakes v. Maine Maritime Academy, et al.
          United States District Court
          Bangor, Maine


     Ms. Oakes was the daughter of an instructor at the Maine

Maritime Academy.  She became the victim of a sexual

exploitation ring at that institution.  She was subjected to

individual and group sexual abuse and psychological

manipulation (brain washing).  Plaintiff's expert Dr. Charles

Robinson provided testimony regarding these mechanisms of

control as well as the severe psychological damage (PTSD)

suffered by the Plaintiff.  The Plaintiff was awarded $750,000. 


                              Plaintiff's Attorney:


                              James Mitchell, Esq.

                              Augusta, Maine

                              (207) 622-6339


          State v. Wright
          Somerset County Superior Court
          Skowhegan, Maine


     Defendant Wright's daughter alleged longstanding sexual

abuse at the hands of her father, an employee of the Maine State

Police.  Defendant's expert Robinson conducted an analysis of

the alleged victim's diary and medical records and offered an

alternative explanation to the reported victim's allegations.

Defendant's expert further testified at jury trial that there was

no scientific foundation to validate the State's claim that eating

disorders are caused by sexual abuse.  The emerging literature

on repressed memories of sexual abuse was also utilized in this

matter.  The jury found the Defendant not guilty.


                              Defendant's Attorney:


                              Pam Ames, Esq.

                              Waterville, Maine

                              (207) 877-6623




(See also newspaper article "Jury acquits Wright")

          State v. Bessette
          Superior Court of Montana
          Missoula, Montana


     Defendant Bessette was charged with the sexual

exploitation of a three year old child.  The prosecution's expert

psychologist provided testimony based on her videotaped

evaluation of the child.  The defense called Dr. Charles Robinson

who offered testimony demonstrating that the interview

process itself was responsible for the report (inaccurate) of the

sexual abuse.  The jury found the Defendant not guilty. 


                                   Defendant's Attorney:


                                   Larry Mansch, Esq.

                                   Missoula, Montana

                                   (406) 523-4865


          State v. Dellwo
          Superior Court of Montana
          Missoula, Montana


     Defendant Dellwo was accused of sexually abusing his son.

These allegations arose in the course of divorce and custody

proceedings and visitation change.  The Defendant's son was known to

suffer from hyperactivity.  The prosecution offered expert

psychological testimony to validate the report of sexual abuse.

The defense retained Dr. Charles Robinson to examine the

reported victim and provide testimony to the jury.  The

Defendant was found not guilty by the jury.


                              Defendant's Attorney:


                              Diane Leibinger, Esq.

                              Missoula, Montana

                              (406) 523-4865