Ashey v. New England Rehabilitation Hospital
          Cumberland County Maine Superior Court
          Portland, Maine


     Plaintiff Ashey sought damages from the Defendant

institution for psychological injuries suffered as a result of a

fall in an allegedly malfunctioning elevator.  In deposition,

expert testimony by Dr. Charles Robinson addressed the issue

of differentiating trauma caused by the alleged negligence from

the trauma inherent in the Plaintiff's longstanding quadriplegia.  The psychological meaning to the

Plaintiff of the injury occurring in a hospital where he sought

treatment was an important factor in bringing about a favorable

pretrial settlement. 


                              Plaintiff's Attorney:


                              James Mitchell, Esq.

                              Augusta, Maine

                              (207) 622-6339


          Morrison v. Carleton Woolen Mills
          United States District Court
          Bangor, Maine


     The jury found that Plaintiff Morrison had been the victim

of sexual harassment and sexual discrimination.  Expert

testimony by Dr. Charles Robinson provided a description and

explanation of the psychological dynamics of these two torts

(including PTSD-like symptoms) and the damages they caused

the Plaintiff.  Plaintiff was awarded $150,000. 


                              Plaintiff's Attorney:


                              Robert Stolt, Esq.

                              Augusta, Maine

                              (207) 622-3711


          Nicholas v. Fleet Bank of Maine
          Kennebec County Superior Court
          Augusta, Maine


     Plaintiff Nicholas brought suit against the Defendant

institution which had improperly dispensed funds held in a trust

account.  These funds were the result of the Plaintiff's

settlement of a sexual abuse claim against a former FBI agent.

Dr. Robinson's expert testimony described the Plaintiff's trauma

secondary to this institutional "betrayal" and differentiated

these effects from those emanating from the betrayal suffered

as a result of sexual abuse, early childhood trauma, and the

Plaintiff's relationship with her mother who was found guilty of

criminal conduct in an action arising from these same



                              Plaintiff's Attorney:


                              Eric Mehnert, Esq.

                              Augusta, Maine

                              (207) 623-1455


          Meryhew v. Fortin
          Kennebec County Superior Court
          Augusta, Maine


     The eight year old Plaintiff received an out of court

settlement of $120,000 secondary to physical and PTSD related

psychological injuries.  The boy was bitten by a black Labrador

Retriever-Doberman pincher cross.  The Plaintiff was

trespassing when he was bitten.  Deposition testimony by Dr.

Charles Robinson outlined the potential reoccurrence of

psychological symptoms in adolescence secondary to the boy's

physical appearance as well as the traumatic aftermath for the

boy and his family following the dog's attack. 


                              Plaintiff's Attorney:


                              Eric Mehnert, Esq.

                              Augusta, Maine

                              (207) 623-1455




(See also newspaper article "$120,000 awarded in dog attack case")

          Halacy v. Tau Kappa Epsilon, et al.
          Cumberland County Superior Court
          Portland, Maine


     Plaintiff Halacy brought suit for a rape suffered at the

hands of Defendant Steen at a fraternity party.  Plaintiff's

expert Robinson provided information at deposition regarding

the psychological damages (PTSD) brought on by the rape and

the Plaintiff's anticipated need for psychological treatment to

resolve her rape trauma.  A confidential settlement was



                              Plaintiff's Attorney:


                              Paul Dumas, Esq.

                              Mexico, Maine

                              (207) 369-0101


          Stinson v. Slaughter
          Cumberland County Superior Court
          Portland, Maine


     Plaintiff Stinson was awarded $650,000 for punitive and

psychological damages suffered secondary to stalking by

Defendant Slaughter.  Plaintiff's expert Robinson offered

testimony on the long term psychological consequences of

being stalked as well as the PTSD suffered by the Plaintiff.


                              Plaintiff's Attorney:


                              William Knowles, Esq.

                              Portland, Maine

                              (207) 774-4000


                              Carl Kandutsh, Esq.

                              Portland, Maine

                              (207) 774-4000




(See also newspaper article "Accused stalker must pay $650,000")

          French v. Kennebec County Sheriff's Office
          Kennebec County Superior Court
          Augusta, Maine


     Plaintiff French brought civil suit against the Sheriff's

Office for their treatment of her after a routine arrest.  The

Plaintiff was strip-searched and alleged additional indignities.

Plaintiff's attorney retained Dr. Charles Robinson to evaluate

the Plaintiff.  Plaintiff French was found to have suffered

significant trauma as a result of Defendant's conduct.  A

confidential settlement favorable to the Plaintiff was obtained. 


                              Plaintiff's Attorney:


                              William Robitzek, Esq.

                              Lewiston, Maine

                              (207) 784-3576


          Lindgren v. The Bethel Inn
          United States District Court
          Portland, Maine


     Plaintiff was struck on the head by a golf ball.  Traditional

medical tests did not demonstrate serious or long-lasting

trauma.  The Plaintiff retained Dr. Charles Robinson who

examined the Plaintiff and provided information based on his

examination and psychological tests demonstrating the extent

of the Plaintiff's injuries.  A pre-trial settlement of $75,000 was



                              Plaintiff's Attorney:


                              Eric Mehnert, Esq.

                              Augusta, Maine

                              (207) 623-1455


          Merrill v. International Paper
          Somerset County Superior Court
          Skowhegan, Maine


     Plaintiff Merrill suffered from a longstanding lung disorder

and was a heavy cigarette smoker.  In the process of effecting

repairs at the Defendant's plant, it was alleged that he was

negligently exposed to toxic chemicals.  A further reduction in

his lung capacity was evident in his medical examinations.  The

Plaintiff retained Dr. Charles Robinson to treat the Plaintiff for

his nicotine addiction.  The patient's condition was refractory to

treatment and Robinson provided information to this effect in

support of the Plaintiff's claims for further damages.  A

confidential settlement was obtained. 


                              Plaintiff's Attorney:


                              Tyler Kolle, Esq.

                              Lewiston, Maine

                              (207) 784-3576


          Oakes v. Maine Maritime Academy, et al.
          United States District Court
          Bangor, Maine


     Ms. Oakes was the daughter of an instructor at the Maine

Maritime Academy.  She became the victim of a sexual

exploitation ring at that institution.  She was subjected to

individual and group sexual abuse and psychological

manipulation (brain washing).  Plaintiff's expert Dr. Charles

Robinson provided testimony regarding these mechanisms of

control as well as the severe psychological damage (PTSD)

suffered by the Plaintiff.  The Plaintiff was awarded $750,000. 


                              Plaintiff's Attorney:


                              James Mitchell, Esq.

                              Augusta, Maine

                              (207) 622-6339


          In re:  Mr. H
          State of Maine Medical Review Panel
          Biddeford, Maine


     Mr. H received an injection of the anesthetic Marcaine in the

course of a routine medical procedure.  He experienced a

vasovagal response.  All medical malpractice cases in the State

of Maine must first be reviewed by the Medical Review Panel

composed of three members.  Unanimous votes in either

direction must be reported to the jury.  Defendant's insurance

carrier retained expert witness Dr. Charles Robinson who

provided testimony to the Panel.  The Plaintiff alleged post

traumatic stress disorder with long-term consequences

secondary to the injection.  Defendant's expert Dr. Charles

Robinson challenged the likelihood of this outcome based on his

review of the medical history.  The Panel voted unanimously in

favor of the Defendant physician and Defendant institution.  No

further action was taken.


                              Defendant's Attorney:


                              Christopher Nyhan, Esq.

                              Portland, Maine

                              (207) 775-5831


          U.S. v. Abumadi 
          United States District Court
          Portland, Maine


     Defendant Abumadi pled guilty to trafficking in cocaine.

Expert testimony provided a foundation for downward

departure.  Dr. Charles Robinson's testimony focused on the

Defendant's history of childhood abuse, her recent psychological

trauma and the relationship of these factors to the criminal

conduct.  It was the relationship of these psychological factors

to the offenses, and not the disorders themselves, that were

the crucial elements in meeting the standards for downward



                         Defendant's Attorney:


                         David Beneman, Esq.

                         Portland, Maine

                         (207) 775-5200


          State v. Wright
          Somerset County Superior Court
          Skowhegan, Maine


     Defendant Wright's daughter alleged longstanding sexual

abuse at the hands of her father, an employee of the Maine State

Police.  Defendant's expert Robinson conducted an analysis of

the alleged victim's diary and medical records and offered an

alternative explanation to the reported victim's allegations.

Defendant's expert further testified at jury trial that there was

no scientific foundation to validate the State's claim that eating

disorders are caused by sexual abuse.  The emerging literature

on repressed memories of sexual abuse was also utilized in this

matter.  The jury found the Defendant not guilty.


                              Defendant's Attorney:


                              Pam Ames, Esq.

                              Waterville, Maine

                              (207) 877-6623




(See also newspaper article "Jury acquits Wright")

          State v. Flewelling
          Somerset County Superior Court
          Skowhegan, Maine


     Flewelling, a combat veteran of Vietnam, was charged with

the kidnapping and attempted murder of his live-in companion.

These charges arose from an incident wherein his companion

received a gunshot wound to the head following which the

Defendant barricaded himself within the couple's home.  Law

enforcement actions involved in his apprehension resulted in

awards for heroism for the officers involved.  Dr. Charles

Robinson, a hostage and barricade adviser to the local Sheriff's

Office was called as an expert for the defense.  Dr. Robinson's

testimony explained the Defendant's actions as being the result

of his combat trauma and a failed suicide attempt.  The

Defendant was found not guilty.


                              Defendant's Attorney:


                              Robert Sandy, Esq.

                              Waterville, Maine

                              (207) 872-7727


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