State v. Flewelling
          Somerset County Superior Court
          Skowhegan, Maine   


Flewelling, a combat veteran of Vietnam, was charged with the kidnapping

and attempted murder f his live-in companion. These charges arose from an

 incident wherein is companion received a gunshot wound to the head

following which the Defendant barricaded himself within the couple's

home.  Law enforcement actions involved in his apprehension resulted

in awards for heroism for the officers involved.  Dr. Charles Robinson,

a hostage and barricade adviser to the local Sheriff’s Office, was called

as an expert for the defense.  Dr. Robinson's testimony explained the

Defendant’s actions as being the result of his combat trauma and a failed

suicide attempt.  The Defendant was found not guilty.


 Defendant's Attorney:


Robert Sandy, Esq.                              

Waterville, Maine                              

(207) 872-7727


          State v. Kerrigan
          Androscoggin County Superior Court
          Lewiston, Maine 


Defendant Kerrigan, after terrorizing people at a party at

the home of a friend, was engaged in a roadside shoot-out

with law enforcement officers.  The Defendant had a history

of mental illness and psychiatric hospitalization and

raised the defense of Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity.

Prosecution expert Dr. Charles Robinson provided

testimony counter to that of the defense expert witnesses.

The plea of Not Guilty by Insanity did not prevail. 



Prosecuting Attorney:


Craig Turner, Esq.                                   

Lewiston, Maine                                   

(207) 784-1397