Battered Women Syndrome

U.S. v. Hedi Chasse 
United States Federal Court
Portland, Maine





Ms. Chasse was one of thirteen coke conspirators indicted for conspiracy to
distribute cocaine.  Ms. Chasse twelve codefendants plead guilty. In the course of
Ms. Chase’s jury trial, Dr. Robinson offered testimony regarding Ms. Chasse's status
as a battered woman and her pathological devotion to a coke conspirator. Ms. Chasse
was found not guilty.




Defendant's Attorney:


William Maselli, Esq.

Auburn, Maine               

(207) 783-4800                         

(See also newspaper article "Bandit who robbed for drugs freed")

 State V. Gogan
Kennebec Superior Court    
Augusta , Maine 


Ms. Gogan was the victim of domestic abuse and isolation by her husband who also
controlled the defendant by the killing and torture of animals. Fearing for her
life, Ms. Gogan shot and killed her husband. She disarticulated his body and
distributed the remains in an isolated area of northwestern
Maine. Within hours
 Ms. Gogan turned herself in. In a plea bargain Ms. Gogan pled guilty to a
lesser offense and received a seven year sentence.
Maine imposes a minimum
mandatory sentence of twenty five years for the conviction of homicide



Defense Attorney:


Michaela Murphy, Esq.

Waterville, Maine

(207) 873-0781



Janet Mills

Skowhegan Maine