State v. John Dilley
State v. Jamison

State V. Jogn Dilley
Cumberland County Superior Court
Portland Maine

Mr. Dilley admitted shooting his wife and mother in the presence of his two young children. The state brought the charge of homicide. Using Mr. Dilley’s history, psychological testing, and intensive interviewing Dr. Robinson offered testimony to assist the jury in arriving in a lesser verdict of manslaughter.

Steven Peterson Esq.

State V. Jamison
Somerset County Superior Court
Skowhegan Maine

Mr. Jamison, a “drifter”, was taken in by a female Elvis impersonator whom he bludgeoned to death. Mr. Jamison had no formal mental health history, but was diagnosed by defense expert Charles Robinson P.h.D as suffering from a borderline personality disorder. The state charged Mr. Jamison was homicide. Dr. Robinson’s testimony assisted the jury in arriving at conviction for the lesser charge of manslaughter.

Janet T. Mills, Attorney at Law